Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Mod Idea: Redoran Cave Stronghold

In a strange flash of inspiration late one night, I decided to start creating my own mod, independant from TR. After playing the questline for Great House Redoran and building their stronghold, I felt it was a little bit uninteresting and insubstantial for such an ancient political faction. Messing around with the redoran and pycave pieces, I think the results are quite interesting, so I plan on building a largeish stronghold for the player in the ashlands. Once the actual exterior/interior/NPC modding is complete, I'll probably release it to the public on PES or TESNexus, and then if I'm feeling really daring, I will have a go at making it constructed in stages via quests, as is the case with the Great House faction strongholds.

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